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Free WiFi

Sonoma County Airport Express is excited to announce FREE WiFi on ALL* of our San Francisco Airport buses!

Free Wifi

That's right! High-speed Internet service while you ride in comfort with Sonoma County Airport Express!

2007 holiday tests of this completely FREE service were very well received by passengers looking to make their trip to or from the airport more productive or entertaining. So we've now made this exciting onboard passenger amenity available to ALL of our passengers traveling between San Francisco International Airport.

And because the Wi-Fi connection point is right there on the bus with you, this high-speed, dependable service is available the entire route between the airport and Sonoma County!

Comfortable. Convenient. Reliable.

Whether you are traveling for business or for leisure, let Sonoma County Airport Express help make your time traveling to or from the airport be time spent doing the things YOU want to do.

Free Wifi FAQ

Free Wi-Fi Questions

What does WiFi stand for and mean?

Wireless Fidelity. Wi-Fi is the popular term for a high-frequency wireless local area network (WLAN).

How often is WiFi service available onboard Sonoma County Airport Express buses?

Every Sonoma County Airport Express bus operating between San Francisco International Airport and Sonoma County has WiFi service and is available 24 hours a day.

What equipment do I need?

To use our WiFi service your laptop must be WiFi enabled. Usage is similar to connecting with any other wireless network. Both PCs and Macs can be used. Because of the wide range of WiFi enabled devices and operating systems, Sonoma County Airport Express cannot guarantee that your device will connect to our service. We recommend you consult your owner's manual or contact the manufacturer if you have any questions about wireless hardware.

I can't log on. What should I do?

As a free service, Sonoma County Airport Express will not be able to offer technical support or troubleshoot any difficulties remotely. Please understand that WiFi signals and cellular towers may occasionally be affected by weather conditions or interference from other hot spots.

Are there any blocked sites or activities, or is this full-access internet?

The current access is open to the entire internet. There are no restricted sites at this time and no filters for content. We trust passengers will keep in mind basic etiquette when using the WiFi service in preventing their web surfing from being a distraction to fellow passengers.

Will there ever be a charge for this service?

Currently this service is provided as an onboard amenity for Sonoma County Airport Express passengers while traveling on our buses. There are no plans to charge for this service.

I saw something on someone's computer I felt was offensive, to whom do I complain?

If you do not feel comfortable approaching your fellow passenger, please convey your concern to the bus operator.

The signal keeps breaking up. Who do I tell to get this fixed?

Currently cellular service is unreliable in some areas and users may need to wait until the bus travels to another area that offers better reception.

What about bandwidth?

This WiFi service is designed for basic internet browsing and checking email. It is not designed for large file transfers, streaming multimedia or gaming. Due to interference from building or other WiFi hotspots there may be locations where service is intermittent or unavailable due to characteristics of the cellular network.

Will Sonoma County Airport Express monitor my browsing?


What kind of firewall or protection do I have when browsing?

Each user will have the firewall or virus protection that is unique to their laptop.

My computer became corrupted after connecting. What do I do?

Sonoma County Airport Express does not support any consequences of surfing the internet including protection from viruses, etc.

This service is great. Who can I tell?

The best way to provide feedback is to complete the online survey after login. In addition, please feel free to share your WiFi experiences with everyone.

San Francisco Cruises

Now in our seventeenth year of providing direct service between Sonoma County and the Port of San Francisco, taking a luxury cruise has never been more convenient. Various cruise ships providing over 80 cruises arrive and depart San Francisco every year with destinations including Alaska, Mexico, Hawaii, and the Panama Canal.

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